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Q: How do I use isomalt crystals?

A: One recipe for Isomalt Sparkle Gems or Hard Candy will yield approximately 4 tray molds of .75" sized cavities.

  • Needed tools & ingredients: Use 1 cup Isomalt, 1/3 cup distilled water (Tap water will cause the coloration to change with some food colors), gel food coloring, and a Candy Thermometer.
  • Prepare your molds by spraying them with Pam or lightly oiling them.
  • Combine Isomalt and water in a 1 quart heavy saucepan.
  • Cook over medium-high heat while stirring with a wooden spoon until crystals are dissolved. Dip a pastry brush in water and wash down the sides to prevent crystallizing.
  • Insert a candy thermometer to monitor temperature. Wash down the sides with water one or two more times. When the mixture reaches 250 degrees, add your food coloring.
  • Experiment to get the exact color you want. As a guideline, we use 3 drops of Super Red food coloring to get a deep ruby coloring and a scant half drop of pink for our pale pink jewels.
  • Allow the temperature to reach 315 degrees and remove the pan from the heat.
  • Please note, the syrup is VERY HOT so you should take precautions to prevent burns.
  • For easier pouring into your candy molds, we recommend pouring the hot syrup mixture into a one or two cup Pyrex measuring cup. Pour hot syrup into molds and allow to harden 10 minutes.
  • Unmold onto waxed paper. If the weather is humid, wrap in candy bags to prevent the candy from becoming cloudy.
  • Spray with vegetable spray to restore clarity.

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